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“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.” ― Harun Yahya

It’s been forever since I posted here (a 16 credit semester, a research gig, and a particularly harrowing finals week will do that) but I wanted to share at least one post from this lovely island. I’m here for three weeks with a study abroad program offered by UB and Hofstra, taking classes in the morning and loving life in the afternoons and evenings. We’re almost at the halfway mark, and so far it has been an amazing experience. Great group of people, beautiful beaches, a  rich culture to explore = good times.

the view from my hotel!

I’ll also be spending New Years and my birthday in Curacao. Been thinking a lot about my goals and plans for 2012. More on that later. For now, beach time!

Making the Most of Yourself

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Make the most of yourself, because that’s all there is of you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before that I am a big fan of the site TinyBuddha. Every now and again there is a post that really stands out (at least for me) and this was one of them. Thought I’d share it here: Tiny Wisdom: Make the Most of Yourself 


“Supreme Stress” and B Vitamins

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I think this image says more about my recent lack of posts than words alone could ever do:

Saw this in the supplements aisle and had to give it a shot. I’ve been looking for a good B supplement anyway. I get some B6 & B12 from a multivitamin (when I remember to take it) but I’m an unabashed sucker for good marketing, and if this says it helps with stress, I’m willing to try it out. I bet they’d make a killing if they sold this on law school campuses.

P.s. – where the hell did October go?

Affirmations from a tea bag?

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As hectic as my life is these days (entirely my fault, I’m afraid) I barely have time to sleep, nevermind go to yoga, ride my bike, or do lots of other things that make me happy and keep me sane. The last few weeks have been particularly tough – lots of GOOD things are happening in my life, but with all the everyday stresses and nuisances, it can be hard to stay focused and positive. As such, I’ll take my daily affirmations wherever I can get them. Lately, they’ve been coming from my Yogi tea habit. Turns out, there’s a whole lot of yogi-tea-loving-photogs out there. Here are some gems:

"You must know that you can swim through every charge of the tide."

"I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am blissful."

"Appreciate yourself and your soul."

To Do Lists Just Look Better in Sharpie

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This is the only way I manage to get things done and stay sane. Well, this and coffee.

Remembering, with homemade quiche & a football game

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It has been 10 years since that fateful morning. I spent a few moments this morning reflecting on what that means. I made the obligatory Facebook and Twitter posts, mostly so no one would think I was being “unpatriotic” or “un-American.” And then I solemnly went about my day.

I don’t mean to come across as callous or uncaring. I understand the importance of the anniversary, the pain it brings to so many people, the absence that’s still very real to so many families. I also understand that people grieve in different ways. While I understand the desire of some to hold grand memorial services and other large-scale commemorative events, I do not wish to participate in them. That is not how I grieve.

In the decade since the attacks on 9/11, we have been living in fear. That fear has been preyed upon, augmented, and abused by a some very small-minded and arrogant people. That use of our fears only multiplied the death toll and continues to put our loved ones in danger. 9/11 continues to be used by our nations “leaders” as a battle cry for more hate, more waste, and more absence. I can only suspect that for many, the desire to honor the fallen is tainted by less honorable intentions as we approach an election year.

So I have chosen to honor those who lost their lives or loved ones, on 9/11 or as a result of it, in my own private way. By walking my dog, Rico. By taking the time to make a delicious quiche with a homemade crust. By watching the Ravens own the Steelers. In sum, by being grateful.

Addicted to Pinterest

August 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I put it off as long as could. Really, I did. A good friend sent me an invitation to join the site months ago, but I resisted the urge. It was just before finals, and I figured another web-based distraction was probably the last thing I needed. Now that I think about it, it’s probably still a terrible idea. Too late now, though.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a site that allows you to create “Boards” or online scrapbooks of images you find on the internet. You could spend hours on the site itself, browsing the beautiful images other users have already “pinned.” The coolest feature, however, is the tool you can add to your bookmarks bar that allows you to pin any image available to one of your boards. I’ve already started several, thanks to my Hurricane Irene-inspired yet self-imposed house arrest. Naturally, the first one I created was all about pugs.

Click on the thumbnails to see all of the images I’ve pinned to each board. I must warn you though, it’s an excellent method of procrastination.

les dames du cabaret

Pug Life



someday, somehow


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